plastic card printingcard printing Plastic Card Printing

test As cost per minute has dropped, it has become necessary to cut costs, and we have seen a tendency to go to paper cards, especially hang tags.

graphic design Security continues to be of utmost importance in retail packaging solutions.

test Printing and packaging are market-driven industries, the ability to provide a quick turnaround is vital.

graphic design The concern for security also extends to inventory control, and customers request batching and barcoded labels that can be wanded for inventory counts.


Graphic Guideline!

The following program specifications are guidelines for setting up your created file. Allstate requests that all supplied files follow these guides. If you have any questions regarding the creating of your file or using the software applications, please contact the technical support area for that particular software.

Recommended Software:

Alternate Software:

We recommend the use of these programs for artwork creation and processing:

Please be aware of possible errors in processing artwork made with these programs:

QuarkXpress ® / Adobe Illustrator ®(Mac or PC)
Adobe Acrobat PDF
Ilustrator CS5

All text and graphics should be in the CMYK color mode, all graphics at 100%. After placing each graphic into the document, do not change the graphic's name. Place all fonts in a folder named "fonts", within the original folder. In Quark, use the Collect for Output function to automate the process.

Make sure colors are defined as either spot or CMYK depending on the intended final print. Convert all text to curves/outlines to avoid font problems. As with a layout program, placed images must be sent along with the Illustrator file and should be properly sized and cropped in the originating program prior to placement.


To assure the best quality please check the following:

  • Be sure that the page parameters in Distiller (size, orientation) agree with the settings of your document.
  • Set all margins in your original document. Set margins to 0.125 in Distiller or PDF Writer.
  • Do not use font or image compression
  • Set graphic resolution to 600dpi or higher.
  • Make sure to embed all fonts.
  • Review your PDF file carefully before sending it to us to assure that it matches your original.

We use the PDF format to send you a soft proof prior to production of the job. If you send a PDF as original artwork we will review your file, process it and place it online for your final approval. Once you approve it, the same PDF you sent is used to print your job.

Adobe Photoshop ® CS5
Adobe Indesign CS5
Photoshop CS5

We use Photoshop to edit and correct all photographic images and complex illustrations. With all submitted work, images should be sized and cropped to final size. When scanning a photo, please scan at 300 DPI and at the actual size. After scanning, convert image to CMYK color mode. Save all scanned images to TIFF or JPG formats. Changing the resolution of an image - for example, 72dpi to 300dpi will not improve the appearance of the file for printing. Original artwork is recommended in 300dpi for printing. Please send PSD layered files if modification is required.

Indesign CS5

InDesign is our graphic department's alternate layout software. All placed images should be sized at 100%, not enlarged or reduced in the layout, and original image files must be provided with the layout document. Convert all text to curves/outlines to avoid font problems or place all fonts in a folder named "fonts", within the original folder.


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