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Plastic Card Personalization

Since we run a modern digital press in the production of our plastic cards, any card can be personalized with individual names and numbers. Away are the days when you have to run cards through a press several times switching plates to gain the personalization of your card. Our digital press operates at high speed to make individual names, graphics and images appear on the cards as you desire so it is possible to acquire unique personalized cards. This is especially useful on picture ID cards and badges, but is also helpful when doing business cards or any card that requires some level of personalization. Contact our customer support representatives today about our custom personalization of the plastic cards we manufacture. Following you will find some options we use to personalize your card:

bar code personalizationBar Code- Barcode Type is dependent on the point of Sales (POS) system.If you are not sure what kind you need, please call your POS provider to inquire, Please supply a tab delimited text database for variable data barcodes. No database is required for sequential number only barcodes.

variable data printingVariable Data - Variable Data is any information that is different from card to card such as member names or account numbers.
NOTE: this feature does not apply to human-readable versions of the information in barcodes or magnetic strips as this is allready included with those options.

magnetic stripe personalizationMagnetic Stripe- Point of Sales (POS) systems vary. If you are not sure what type of magnetic stripe you need, call your POS provider to inquire.

scratch off panel Scratch Off Panel - Scratch off panels are use to cover PINs or othe information that should remain hidden until the card is purchased or used, such as prepaid cards and promotional products. Visit our Scratch off Cards Printing page to find out more about this product.

signature panelSignature Panel - A matte finish is a writable translucent finish that allows an entire signature panel to be writable
Note: this finish is slightly opaque and may lighten some colors.

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