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test As cost per minute has dropped, it has become necessary to cut costs, and we have seen a tendency to go to paper cards, especially hang tags.

test Security continues to be of utmost importance in retail packaging solutions.

test Printing and packaging are market-driven industries, the ability to provide a quick turnaround is vital.

test The concern for security also extends to inventory control, and customers request batching and barcoded labels that can be wanded for inventory counts.


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Data security & integrity is everything. It's your customers' money.

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  • All data is protected by dual firewalls, data encryption, real-time backup, location redundancy (two mirrored systems in separate parts of the country) and indefinite power generation in the event of electrical outage.

  • The card terminal provides communication with the Data Center for accessing database information, recording transactions, and loading or unloading card balances. The terminal can also display messages from the Data Center in response to certain requests.

  • Cards easily activated, redeemed and reloaded at the Point of Sale (POS).

  • The Data Center delivers reliable data processing, information storage and retrieval in real time.

  • Daily Batch report generated by POS terminal produces a chronological list of all transactions.

  • Monthly Corporate Summary statement reports all transactions by location captured on the host database during that time period, as well as total fees billed.

  • Reports are available 24/7 on the web and can also be supplied by electronic transfer, fax, or hard copy.

  • Customer support to each merchant location is provided toll free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

system uptime
means you're
always in business.

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