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Phone Card Printing

  • Understanding The Basics - This article is the first in a series designed to help educate buyers on the basics of phone card printing.
  • Preliminary steps before the actual design phase begins - Before tackling the design of a card, it is important to clearly define the card's purpose.
  • The Fine Art of Color Proofing - Previous articles in this series about printing have discussed the basics of prepaid card production and the design process. Part III covers the importance of the proofing process.
  • Distributors and Private Labeling - As the telecom market becomes more competitive and rates continue to decrease, distributors are constantly looking for new ways to retain customers..
  • Market to Market - Printing and packaging- two words that seem simple enough but represent more than ink on plastic and on how a card is displayed at retail.
  • The Printing Battle: Plastic vs. Paper - Following close behind with the transformation of the prepaid industry are technological changes within the printing industry that are bringing convenient, cost-effective solutions for card issuers.

Plastic Card Printing

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